Our pious predecessors have stated that practice upon knowledge is integral for success. There are some individuals who involve themselves in backbiting on the pretext of criticism. This is extremely destructive. Furthermore, there are others who are desirous of honour and fame but they involve themselves in bribery and corruption. This type of hypocrisy is now rife in the lives of people to the extent that people consider dishonesty as necessary to survive. Unfortunately people refuse to heed the warnings of slipping into sin and they become slaves of their opinions.

It is mentioned that when people attended the gatherings of our Mashaa’ikh who held on fast to the manner of our pious predecessors; they became lights of guidance. They did not involve themselves in backbiting (which has become a rampant spiritual disease in the name of Islam) nor did they allow the lure of materialism to compromise their Deen. They adopted silence, reflected before speaking and did not blurt out things hastily. Due to these Ahlullāh being consumed with their Aakhirah, they developed soft hearts and cried excessively out of the fear of Allah Ta’ala جل جلاله. When people witness individuals who give practical expression to the demands of Taqwa, this attracts the public more than sermons. The true objective of life is that we practice upon knowledge.

Sadly, we have chosen to become paupers for the Aakhirah due to our indifference and negligence. Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Maseehullah Khan Sahib رحمه الله has said that just as clothing is required to conceal our bodies; Taqwa is needed for the concealment of our sins and to protect our Īmān. If there is no Taqwa, we will expose our imperfections; therefore the need of the hour is that we daily make Tawbah and involve ourselves in Istighfaar (repent for our sins and promise to be obedient). If we abandon the demand of Taqwa, there is a great fear for our Īmān.
اللهم احفظنا يا الله!