My name is SHABBIR AHMED ISMAIL LULAT.I was born in the year 1935, village of Kapodra, District Bharuch, INDIA. We had a lot of pious people in our village who had made Bayt at the hand of famous Shaykhs of that time like Hazrat Hakimul Ummat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi R.A. My respected parents had also made Bayt at the hands of Hakimul Ummat. My maternal grandfather and grandmother made Bayt to Hazrat Moulana Shabbir Usmani R.A. which made a significant influence in my life.
After I completed my Secondary school education in India, I came to Zambia in 1953 which was then Northern Rhodesia at the age of 18. I worked for 2 years and four months after which I returned to India in 1956 to get married. I stayed in India for 2 years where I was in the company of my respected father who was a very learned and pious man. I was also in the company of Moulana Abdullah Ismail Patel Kapodrawi . Being in the company of these two noble men helped me greatly in dealing with both deeni and dunyawi (wordly) matters. It also made me a mature person.
In 1958, I returned to Zambia and with Allah’s grace and guidance, my mentor Haji Suleiman Patel helped me start my own business. Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me a lot of barkat whereby I finally retired in 1999. I am blessed by Allah with two sons and one daughter and also with grandchildren.
During this period, a lot of Ulema came to Zambia.Alhamdulillah, through my effort, Moulana Ehtesamul Haq Thanvi R.A, Moulana Abrar Dhulwi R.A. and many more respected Ulema came to Zambia.
When Shaykh Zakaria R.A came to Zambia, I made Bayt on his hands and met him twice in Madinah Munawwarah. After his demise, I made Bayt to my present Shaykh Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Qamaruzaman D.B, as far as I remember in the year 2000 and with his guidance I made a lot of spiritual progress. Alhamdulillah, I was given khilafat for all the four silsilah on 2nd September 2004.
Hazrat Moulana Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqshbandi travelled to Gujarat, India and gave numerous lectures during his visit there. These lectures were published as a book “Sukun-e-Dil”. Alhamdulillah I contributed to 75% of the cost of publishing this kitaab. Moulana Salahuddin Saifi who published the kitaab told me, “Shabbir Bhai, aapne thawab-e-zariya kamaliya (you have earned continuous rewards)”. It was at this time that I realized that publishing kitaabs can also earn thawab-e-zariya. All this time I was contributing in publishing lots of kitaabs but I did not realize its value and importance.
After consultation with a lot of Ulema-e-kiraam, I found out that our Akabirin-e-Deoband’s kitaabs are not available in English and a vast majority of Muslims don’t understand the Urdu language. So my Shaykh Moulana Muhammad Qamaruzaman D.B., Moulana Abdullah Kapodrawi D.B. and Moulana Saleem Dhorat D.B. gave me permission to translate all there kitaabs in English. But finding a translator was a big challenge. One day, Hazrat Moulana Abdul-Hamid D.B of Darul-uloom Azaadville came to Zambia and I sought his help and guidance. He put me in contact with Moulana Mahomed Mahomedy of Verulam, South Africa.Alhamdulillah, the translation and publishing began.
In the year 2014, I was in the U.K. where several young Muslims came to see me and they requested me to put my kitaabs on the internet by creating a website. By Allah’s will, brother Salim Mayet of Durban helped me create a website which is named www.AlQamarPublications.com. Feedback and reviews will be appreciated.

23rd Jumaadul-ukhra 1436.
13th April 2015.
Shabbir Ahmed Ismail Lulat
Plot 1110 Obote Road,
P.O Box 31844, Lusaka, Zambia.
[email protected]