Maulana Maseehullah Khan Sahib (RA)

A series of discourses of Maseehul Ummat Hadhrat Maulana Maseehullah Khan Saheb have been recorded on tape. His unique approach to our Deen in this day and age, make these discourses invaluable to that Muslim who wishes to live a life seeking the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala.

A number of people have felt that there is a great need for these discourses to be available to the English reader. This humble servant has made an attempt at translating one such discourse from the Urdu. InshaAllah, attempts will be made with other discourses as well. The phrase that comes to mind is, “fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

The dictionary meanings of “dost” is “friend; lover”. Which is applicable? Thinking about it, both are applicable.
In a lifetime of service to the Ummat, Hadhratjee has made untold friends In the Indo-Pak subcontinent as well as in other parts of the world. The word “friend” would apply here.

In the special terminology of the Sufi, “dost” is that person who is treading the Path of Sulook. Being in love with Allah Taala, this person has sought out the Real Lovers of Allah Ta’ala, the Auliya-Allah, to get closer to the Loved One. In this sense, the meaning of “lover” is applicable.

Hadhratjee once pointed out an interesting fact: Every Muslim has love for Allah Ta’ala and His Rasul (Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam), this love coming to the fore whenever an attack is made on the Deen. In this sense, the title “Dosto ke liye…” for these discourses, is appropriate for the whole Ummat.

(Not related to the title, may I slip in a word of thanks and say “jazakallah” to those friends who prompted, encouraged and assisted in this publication.)
Dr.Ismaiel Mangera.

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