Hazrat Sirri Saqati رحمه الله has advised; “He who desires that his Deen remains safe and that he attains peace and comfort should adopt seclusion. This is the age of seclusion.”

On another occasion, Hazrat Sirri Saqati رحمه الله said; “Sin which is the effect of pride, arrogance and rebellion is exceptionally severe. There is little hope of gaining forgiveness for such sins because the sin of Shaitān was due to pride, arrogance and rebellion.”

When the spiritual disease of pride overcomes one, it becomes extremely difficult for him to repent and seek forgiveness. The severity of this evil trait is that a person has no regret or remorse over his actions; therefore there is very little hope of him being forgiven. Due to the obstinacy in attitude, one becomes like Shaitān.

May Allah Ta’ala جل جلاله protect us! آمين