Summary of Talk – Spiritual acts through which one gains the proximity of Allah

Mufti Muhammad Tayyib DB of Faisalabad, Pakistan – Khalifa of Shafiqul Ummat Maulana Muhammad Farooq Rahimahullah

(Translation by Moulana Muhammad Ameer Sahib DB of Durban)

There are two acts that are imperative and fundamental upon which the foundations of good are built and the ability to detach from wrong is realised,

1. KHAUF – Fearing (the disobedience) of Allah
2. RAJA – Having immense hope in Allah Ta’ala

# This ‘fear’ is based on respect, honour and desire to never displease Allah Ta’ala. The more one abstains from disobedience, the more will one develop khashiyat (fear of displeasure).

# Shiekh Zakariyya Rahimahullah mentioned, Allah’s Jannah is not difficult to acquire, a person has to merely place a firm foot on his passions and the next step one can enter Jannah.

# Note that the natural human fear is not meant here but it is the state that allows a person to refrain from disobedience and create a strong barrier between the displeasure of Allah.

# In the Battle Of Badr shaitan appeared on the side of the disbelievers in the form of a human, when he saw Jibrail and the other angels on the side of the believers he began to flee – the disbelievers caught him and asked him why is he running he said, “I see what you can’t see” (meaning the angels) and said “I fear Allah”…so shaitan also expressed fear of Allah but not out of love and obedience, this fear has no benefit and it is not desired.

# Also such fear that does not allow one to function normally or live naturally is not desired, rather that much of fear is desirable that prevents a person from disobedience.

# Nabi Sallallahu alaiyhi wa sallam taught us the limit of this fear in a dua, “O Allah grant me that much of fear that will become a barrier between me and your disobedience”

# So in essence Allah Ta’ala is very Merciful, forgiving and kind and therefore to have hope in Allah is known as Raja.

# At times it may be necessary to have more fear than hope and at times more hope than fear. However to have both is necessary. As an example a young person should have more fear to repel his passions, and an old sickly person should have more hope in Allah’s mercy than fear.

# How is hope and fear developed?

1. Remembrance of Allah, through excessive Zikr spirituality is facilitated, established and developed.

2. Constant dua – start of dua with praises Allah, then recite Durood and thirdly confess to ones weaknesses, errors and mistakes.

# Through dua the aspects of Khauf and Raja, fear and hope will be developed.

# Everyone can attain the proximity of Allah Ta’ala, even today. The door of proximity to Allah is open for all. The condition is we try and make an effort, even with a little effort, Allah’s help and support is with.

# Take some help, assistance and guidance from a guide and see the difference it will make in your life.