Shafeequl Ummah Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Farooq Sahib رحمه الله has continuously advised that life is like a block of ice melting away; the need for all believers is that we involve ourselves in actions that will assist us in the Aakhirah. It is essential that we make Muhaasabah (taking stock of our deeds) and Murāqabah (contemplate on the certainty of death and the stations thereafter) on a daily basis prior to sleeping. Realities will unfold at the time of death and we will realise what we have sent forward to accompany us in our graves and beyond.

The dying person becomes consumed with grief and regret at the moments of heedlessness and indifference; he desires a second chance to compensate for his negligence and repent with conviction. In fact, when the pangs of death become unbearable, he will wish for an early death.

If we develop even a fraction of the condition that will be experienced by every person at the time of death; our lives will be that of piety and righteousness. A common sense approach is that we picture the scene of death throughout our lives. The result of inculcating this concern is that we will reflect before we do anything, this will help us shun disobedience and there will be an urge to be righteous.

Sheikh Abdur Rahman ibn al-Jawzi رحمه الله has said that the renowned saint Hazrat Habīb Ajmi رحمه الله reminded his wife daily as to what should be done in the event of him dying during the day. Once Hazrat Ma’rūf Karkhi رحمه الله requested an individual to perform the Zuhr Salaah. The young man replied that if he performed the Zuhr Salaah, he will not perform the Asr Salaah. Hazrat Ma’rūf Karkhi رحمه الله responded; “That means you hope to survive till Asr. We seek refuge in Allah from distant hopes.”

This is the mindset required of us to ensure success. Will we heed the warnings?