Hakeemul Ummah Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi Sahib رحمه الله has stated; “Whenever I carry out any good action, then Alhamdulillah I do not feel within my heart that this action is my achievement. Rather, I remember the teachings of my pious seniors. It was account of the teachings of my pious seniors and their effort upon me in guiding me correctly that I was able to carry out such an action. The feeling then enters my heart that this is all the outcome of remaining in the company of the pious and serving them.”

Hazrat Thaanwi رحمه الله further added; “The truth of the matter is that I had received the duaas of many pious servants of Allah Ta’ala جل جلاله, and whatever I have achieved is the fruits of their duaas. (Malfoozaat of Hakeemul Ummah رحمه الله 1/86)

Whilst discussing the life of Qutbul Irshaad Hazrat Moulana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi Sahib رحمه الله, Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi Sahib رحمه الله has mentioned; “Compared to the benefit I acquired through studying, teaching and carrying out spiritual exercises in self reformation, I found greater benefit in remaining in the company of these great luminaries and closely observing their lives. After closely examining their lives, one acquires a true understanding of Islam. (Malfoozaat of Hakeemul Ummah رحمه الله 10/344)

An outstanding characteristic in our pious predecessors is the aspect of annihilation; they ‘coloured’ their lives completely in adhering to the blessed Sunnah. By virtue of the effulgence of the Sunnah, it not only permeated their personalities but benefitted those who interacted with them. The value of the Sunnah was the defining yardstick for the spread of Deen. Therefore, the true understanding of Islam is attained through subjecting our desires to the commands of Allah Ta’ala جل جلاله, adherence to the blessed Sunnah of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah صلى الله عليه وسلم and the abandonment of personal opinions. This is the outcome of true submission. (Adapted from the teachings of Shafeequl Ummah Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Farooq Sahib رحمه الله)

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