From the advices of Sheikh Abdur Rahman ibn al-Jawzi رحمه الله, we learn that the repeated admonitions from Allah Ta’ala جل جلاله warn the persistent sinner to reflect, rectify his life and save himself from lethargy. The respected Sheikh observes; “O you intelligent one, why do you sin again and again? Think of its repercussions and do not prefer the fleeting pleasure over the everlasting blessing or barter the precious against the cheap. Do not choose a moment’s negligence over the perpetual awareness.”

The respected Sheikh laments; “Alas! You are buying regret and remorse and carrying a backbreaking weight that will bring unending tears of grief. Other people will punish you and give you bad names and ask, ‘Why did not think?'”

Hazrat Sahl bin Abdullah Tastari رحمه الله has said that he saw himself one night in a dream on the plains of Qiyāmah. People were overwhelmed with fear. Suddenly he saw a white bird lifting a person and taking him into Jannah. In this manner, the bird repeatedly returned to take a person into Jannah. Hazrat Sahl رحمه الله wondered as to the wisdom of this; he then saw a folded paper in front of him. He opened it and in it was written, “The name of this bird is Warā’ (piety).”

He was then led into Jannah and on entering it, he saw a crowd of 300 people. After greeting them, he asked; “While on earth what did you fear the most?” All replied; “An evil death.’

Have we made it a point daily to ponder whether we have involved ourselves in actions that will preserve our Īmān or compromise our faith? May Allah Ta’ala جل جلاله help and guide us! آمين