Sheikh Abdur Rahman ibn al-Jawzi رحمه الله has shared a profound statement of the saint Sheikh Abu Sulaimān Dārāni رحمه الله where he said; “If anyone keeps his affairs correct then he will be treated correctly. If he does piety by night, then he will get His return during the day.” The respected saint went to the people and told them that he who desires perpetual security must fear Allah Ta’ala جل جلاله.

Sheikh Fudhail ibn Iyād رحمه الله has said; “I clearly see the effect of my sin in my female servant or my riding beast.” Many complain about the disobedience and obstinacy of those that work for them; have we not considered that the challenges we are experiencing are the consequences of our sins?

Whenever we find any impediments in our lives; reflect whether we have been heedless in gratitude or have we slipped into sin? Ingratitude invites difficulties and sudden punishment. Furthermore, we should never use the mercy and forgiveness of Allah Ta’ala جل جلاله as an excuse for our laxity and laziness.