In life we will be lured towards sin but we will find an inner voice advising us to resist the temptations. If we are going to continuously ignore the warnings, we will destroy ourselves spiritually. Shafeequl Ummah Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Farooq Sahib رحمه الله has stressed on the need of having presence of mind and to resist the urge to transgress. Man destroys himself by giving in to the desires of the Nafs.

We will always be involved in a continuous battle with Shaitān and the Nafs. Shaitān uses the arrows of temptation and deception. If we are not going to be resolute, we will drown in the abyss of transgression. The conflict with Shaitān and the Nafs is a long battle. We will get spiritually wounded through the commission of sins and attain cure through repentance. When a paper is folded and then straightened, the impression of the fold will remain. Similarly, if we are going to be reckless in sin and thereafter repent, we will certainly disfigure ourselves spiritually.

The world presents itself with its glitter but the Saalik protects himself through perseverance and patience. The Saalik cannot allow himself to be neglectful even for a moment because of the catastrophic consequences of sin. It is certainly a punishment if one does acts of piety but still surrenders to the evil promptings of Shaitān and the Nafs. Death is a reality and intelligence demands that preparation be made for it. It is imperative for the Saalik to regularly ponder on his meeting with Allah Ta’ala جل جلاله. The Saalik looks at the graves and rectifies his shortcomings.

The Saalik is always in a state of readiness to meet Allah Ta’ala جل جلاله because death can seize one suddenly.