5 Minute Madressa for the 1st of Rabi Ul Awwal

(1) Islaamic History Hadhrat Zakariyya (AS)
Hadhrat Zakariyya (AS) was chosen to guide the Bani Israa’eel and lived during the period of Hadhrat Isa (AS). As was the practice of all the Ambiyaa ((RA)) to earn their living by the labour of their own hands, Hadhrat Zakariyya (AS) worked as a carpenter. It was Hadhrat Zakariyya (AS) who cared for Hadhrat Maryam((RA)) the mother of Hadhrat Isa (AS) and raised her. As he grew old and did not have any children, he was concerned about who would continue his work of guiding the people after he left this world. One day when he saw that Hadhrat Maryam ((RA)) was eating fruit that was not in season, he asked her where it came from. When she told him that it was from Allaah, it occurred to him that the Allaah Who grants fruit out of season as well can also grant children to an old man like himself. He therefore prayed to Allaah to grant him a son. Allaah accepted his Du’aa and Hadhrat Yahya (AS) was born to him.
(2) Allaah’s Power The Rainbow
When the rays of the sun filter through the rain, one sees a band of seven colours stretching from one end of the sky to the other. Looking at this beautiful rainbow, a person is forced to think Who it is that can paint such a masterpiece across the vast sky in such a short space of time? Undoubtedly, this is Allaah’s painting that makes His grandeur evident to all.

(3) A Fardh The virtue of the Asr Salaah
After leading the Asr Salaah one day, Rasulullaah (AS) turned to the Sahabah y and said, “This Salaah has been made compulsory for those before you as well, but they failed to observe it. You must remember that the person who performs it will receive double the reward.”
[Muslim 1927, from Hadhrat Abu Busrah Ghifaari (RA)]
(4) A Sunnah Welcoming a guest with good words
Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Abbaas (RA) reports that when a delegation from the Banu Abdul Qais came to Rasulullaah (AS), he welcomed them with the word, “Marhaba (Welcome)!”
[Bukhaari 53]
This Hadith tells us that when we receive guests, it is Sunnah to do so with words of welcome.
(5) An Important Act and its Virtue Treating neighbours well
Rasulullaah (AS) said, “In the sight of Allaah the best companion is the one who treats his companions best and the best neighbour is the one who treats his neighbours best.”
[Tirmidhi 1944, from Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Amr (RA)]
(6) A Sin Disobeying Rasulullaah (SAW)
Rasulullaah (SAW) said, “All of my Ummah shall enter Jannah except the one who refuses.” “Who is it that will refuse?” the Sahabah y asked. Rasulullaah (AS) replied, “The one who obeys me will go to Jannah and the one who does not obey me has refused.”
[Bukhaari 7280, from Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah (RA)]
(7) This World Daily announcements concerning wealth
Rasulullaah(SAW) said, “Two angels descend from the heavens each day. The one makes Du’aa saying, ‘O Allaah! Grant a kind recompense to the one who spends.’ The other one makes Du’aa saying, “O Allaah! Grant a destruction to the one who holds back.’”
[Bukhaari 1442, from Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah (RA)]

(8) The Aakhirah Recompense on the Day of Qiyaamah
Allaah says in the Qur’aan, “Whoever brings a good deed (to the Aakhirah) will receive (a reward) better than that (His reward will be multiplied at least ten times). (On the other hand,) Whoever brings a sin, the sinners will be punished only for what they did (their punishment will not be more than they deserve)”.
[Surah Qasas, verse 84]
(9) Cures from the Qur’aan and Rasulullaah (AS) A cure for every illness
Hadhrat Usaamah (RA) reports that some Bedouins once came to Rasulullaah (AS) and asked whether they were allowed to treat their illnesses. Rasulullaah (AS) replied, “Do treat them because Allaah has made a cure for every illness with the exception of one.” When the Sahabah y asked what the one was, Rasulullaah (AS) replied, “Old age.”
[Ahmad 17986]
(10) Qur’aanic Advice
Allaah says in the Qur’aan, “Worship Allaah only, be kind towards parents, relatives, orphans and the poor; speak kindly (in a good manner) to people (by encouraging them to do good, to stay away from evil and to speak the truth about Muhammad e), establish Salaah and (continue to) pay Zakaah”.
[Surah Baqara, verse 83]