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updated 9:25 AM UTC, Oct 11, 2018
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The message of the quraan

The Message of the Quran 848x1198

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The Qur’ān is a Book of Allāh  through which
disgraced and humiliated people received honour,
those who pondered and reflected over it received
guidance, those who recited it experienced peace
and tranquillity, and those who practised on it
received a guarantee for salvation. This is a book
which removes man from the pits of darkness and
conveys him towards light. It is a book which
shows the straight path to those who are
deviated, and joins to Allāh  those who are
wandering. It has limitless merits and unique
benefits. It is true on every basis and genuine in
every respect. No one could produce anything like
it, and no one will be able to do so till the day of
It is with regard to this very Qur’ān that
Rasūlullāh said: “The Qur’ān is an intercessor
whose intercession will be accepted. It will
endeavour to gain the salvation of people in a
manner that will be accepted and successful. It
shall convey to Paradise the person who makes it

his leader and guide. And it shall drive towards
the Hell-fire the person who abandons it.”1
Rasūlullāh  advised Abū Dharr Ghifārī 
saying: “Remain steadfast in reciting the Qur’ān.
It is a source of light for you in this world and a
treasure in the Hereafter.”2
A large portion of the ummah does not know the
language of the Qur’ān, viz. Arabic. This has
caused them to remain far away from the
message and teachings of the Qur’ān. This is a
matter of concern for the ‛ulamā’ of the ummah. It
is for this reason that the ‛ulamā’ translated the
Qur’ān into numerous local languages and
published them. They also wrote commentaries to
the Qur’ān and lifted the veil for its sciences and
astounding facts. Despite this, there was a severe
need to gather a few flowers of the message and
teachings of the Qur’ān in a very short time. A
person reciting the Qur’ān will be able to realize
what the Qur’ān demands of him. Consequently,
our organization, “Deeniyat”, undertook this task
with the inspiration from Allāh and is now
presenting this small effort titled, The Message of
the Qur’ān, to the ummah of Muhammad . It is
being published with the purpose of conveying
benefit to the masses.
1رواه ابن حبان بحوالة الترغيب والترهيب.
2رواه ابن حبان بحوالة الترغيب والترهيب.
Despite the great importance of the Qur’ān, the
Muslim ummah is unaware of the teachings of the
Qur’ān. We have endeavoured to convey the
messages of the Qur’ān in a short time
(approximately ten minutes). Those who study
this book must understand the message of the
Qur’ān and practise on it. Together with this, they
must try to understand the Qur’ān in its entirety
under the guidance of a reliable ‛ālim so that they
may be able to spend their lives in the shade of
the Qur’ān in a correct manner.
This short book has been arranged in such a
manner whereby one quarter of each pārā or juz
is discussed under a few points. The themes of
one quarter are confined to one page.
Approximately two minutes are needed to read
this one page. The amount of the Qur’ān which is
read in the tarāwīh salāh – the themes thereof
can be read from this book after the tarāwīh
salāh, and also between the tarāwīh salāh and
witr salāh. Moreover, if one and quarter pārās are
read daily in the tarāwīh salāh, one page [the
themes of one quarter] could easily be read after
every four rak‛ats. About ten minutes will be
needed for this.
We beseech Allāh  to accept this effort and store
its rewards for us for the Hereafter. Āmīn.