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Purification of the heart

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By the grace and kindness of Allāh ta‛ālā,
Maktabah Dār al-Ma‛ārif, Allāhābād, is continuing
with its work, under whose auspices several worthy
and valuable books have been published and made
available to the public. Some of these books, e.g.
Tarbīyyat-e-Aulād Kā Islāmī Nizām, Guldastah-e-
Adhkār, Haqīqī Hajj, Dars-e-Qur’ān, Nikāh ki Shar‛ī
Haythīyyat, Chand Wasīyyate, have been translated
into English and Gujarati and published. The book,
Tarbīyyat-e-Aulād Kā Islāmī Nizām, has also been
translated into the Bengali language and will –
inshā Allāh – be printed soon. All praise is due
solely to Allāh ta‛ālā.
The book, Tat-hīr al-Qulūb min ar-Radhā’il wa al-
‛Uyūb, also known as Purification of the Heart is
now before the reader. It contains three themes
explained by Muslihul Ummat Hadrat Maulānā
Shāh Wasīyyullāh Sāhib quddisa sirruhu. The three
themes are: (1) hypocrisy, (2) pride, and (3) anger.
He explains the repugnance and abhorrence of
these evils, and shows the way to save one’s self
from them.
I addition to this, my respected father, Hadrat
Maulānā Muhammad Qamaruz Zamān Sāhib
dāmat barakātuhum, writes about evils such as
vanity and jealousy, and provides a convincing

treatment for them. We hope this will be a valuable
treasure for those treading the path of the tarīqah.
I received the full support and assistance of my
brother, Maulānā ‛Ubaydullāh Nadwī, Maulānā
Fīroz ‛Alam Qāsimī and Maulānā Maqsūd Ahmad
Qāsimī (all of whom are teachers at Madrasah
‛Arabīyyah Bayt al-Ma‛ārif Allāhābād) in the
preparation of this book. May Allāh ta‛ālā reward
all of them with the best of rewards.
Muhammad ‛Abdullāh Qamaruz Zamān Qāsimī
Maktabah Dār al-Ma‛ārif Allāhābād
1 Rajab al-Murajjab 1427 A.H.
28 July 2006