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for friends 25

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Hadhrat Mauláná Muhammad Masíhulláh Khán Sáhib عليه اهلل رمحة was born in
Sarai Barlah in the district of Aligarh in the year 1329 or1330 H. Hadhrat’s رمحة
عليه اهلل lineage is linked to the noble Sharwání family of landed nobility and,
being linked to Sayyid Hussain Ghaurí عليه اهلل رمحة, the lineage is also Sayyid.
Hadhrat عليه اهلل رمحة attended the local government school up to standard six,
but did not continue with his secular education, rather preferring to study
Dín which he studied initially in his hometown and, thereafter, completing
his studies in Deoband. Hadhrat عليه اهلل رمحة became bai’at to Hadhrat Ashraf
Alí Thánwí عليه اهلل رمحة, from whom Hadhrat عليه اهلل رمحة received his Khiláfat. This
was in the same year that Hadhrat عليه اهلل رمحة qualified from Deoband. Hadhrat
Ashraf Alí Thánwí عليه اهلل رمحة stationed Hadhrat عليه اهلل رمحة in Jalálábád, where
Hadhrat عليه اهلل رمحة established the madrasah, Miftáhul-Ulúm, and a khánqáh
where sálikín stayed for their self-rectification. Hadhrat عليه اهلل رمحة passed
away in Jalálábád on the 17th Jamádul-Ulá 1413 A.H., corresponding to the
14th November 1992.

Number Twenty five: Muharram 1436 - November 2014
Prepared by: Dr. Ismail Mangera
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