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For Friends 23

for friends 23

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بسم اهلل الرمحن الرحيم

Alhamdulilláh, solely with the fadhl of Alláh Ta’álá and the barkat
of Hadhratjí عليه اهلل رمحة and the du’ás of well-wishers, this booklet, For
Friends Number Twenty Three, has been published.
Ikhlás – sincerity – is a topic that has been discussed
innumerable times. One may be forgiven for thinking that there
is nothing new to be discussed as far as ikhlás is concerned.
However, what about sidq? What is sidq? How important is sidq?
What relationship does sidq have with ikhlás?
These are important questions and these are answered by
Hadhratjí عليه اهلل رمحة in this majlis. Other topics are also discussed. As
we are all aware several topics are discussed in a majlis. These are
not necessarily related to the main theme of the majlis.
One of the amazing qualities of our mashá'ikh that we have
noted is their ability to re-cast familiar topics in a completely new
light. Very often we are made to feel that this is the first time that
this particular topic has been discussed, even though it may have
been discussed previously. At other times, when a familiar topic
is explained to us, it is done with a new angle, leaving the listener
amazed at not having thought of the topic in the light that it is being
explained on this occasion. This applies to qissas as well. Hadhratjí
عليه اهلل رمحة repeated certain qissas quite often. The same qissah may be
repeated in a different form, very often a different light being shed
on the qissah and a different lesson learnt.
Readers are also reminded that the majális are directed
at the people attending the majlis. The tone of the majlis is also
determined by who is present. It is important to bear this in mind
in order to understand the context of the advices given.
Alhamdulilláh, this issue of "For Friends" has translations
of two majális.
May Alláh Ta’álá grant us all proper understanding and also
the ability to act on the valuable advices contained in these majális.
Passing away of Hadhrat Mauláná Safiyulláh Khán Sáhib اهلل رمحة
(Bhaiján) ,عليه
Hadhrat Mauláná Safiyulláh Khán Sáhib عليه اهلل رمحة, popularly known
as "Bhaiján", son of our Hadhrat Mauláná Masíhulláh Khán Sáhib
عليه اهلل رمحةpassed away in a private clinic in Delhi, India, on Friday, the
3rd March 2012.
His body was taken to Jalálábád. News had spread like
wildfire and there were throngs of people at his janázah. The crowd
was estimated to be approximately 100,000. His janázah took place
after Ishá.
He had been ill for some time and had to use a wheelchair
to get around. Nevertheless, as the principal, he attended to the
affairs of Madrasah Miftáhul-Ulúm punctually throughout his
illness till the very last, being taken by car to the madrasah.
He was born in Aligarh, being the only son of our Hadhrat
عليه اهلل رمحة. Initially, he was taught by Hadhrat عليه اهلل رمحة and then, later,
he studied at Hadhrat's Miftáhul-Ulúm in Jalálábád, where he
qualified in the year 1959. On graduating he immediately started
teaching at the very same institute. In 1977 he was appointed the
principal of the Dárul-Ulúm, continuing with teaching as well.
Hadhrat "Bhaiján" (Mauláná Safiyulláh Khán Sáhib) رمحة
عليه اهلل had travelled to several countries with our Hadhrat, and he
endeared himself to all those who came to know him. The love that
little children had for him was quite remarkable, something which
we ourselves had personally witnessed.
In 1992 he was granted Khiláfat by our Hadhrat عليه اهلل رمحة.
After Hadhrat's عليه اهلل رمحة demise he carried on his normal duties as
well as conducting the after-Jumu'ah majlis which our Hadhrat رمحة
عليه اهلل had been conducting. He himself made people bai'at and had
given khiláfat to several people as well.
We make du'á that Alláh Ta'álá fills his qabr with núr and
grant him high stages in Jannat.
Dr. I.M.