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updated 1:04 PM UTC, Sep 24, 2018
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Demise of a great personality - Moulana Abdullah Kapodra Rahimahullāh

The world is indeed a dimmer place today on the demise of one of our lanterns of Ilm and guidance. It is with great sadness that we learn of the demise of a great scholar of Islam, Hazrat Maulānā 'Abdullāh Kapodrā (RA).

Hazrat Maulānā was born in Burma where his father moved to from India. After a few years, the family returned back to India settling in a place called Kapodra village.

Hazrat Maulānā studied in the great Islamic seminaries of Dābhel and Deoband, ultimately qualifying from the Jām'iah Islāmiyyah Tā'līm al-Dīn, Dābhel in the year 1953. After completing his official studies, He returned back to Dārul 'Ulūm Deoband where He continued benefitting from the illustrious teachers there for another two years. Hazrat Maulānā was intellectually brilliant and was often refered to as a walking library.

Hazrat Maulānā was a teacher and administrator par-excellence. It was under his leadership that Dārul 'Ulūm Falāh-i-Dārayn flourished and became a magnet attracting students from throughout the world, including South Africa. Due to his administrative acumen, Hazrat Maulānā was constantly sought to provide direction and expertise to many institutions both in India and abroad.

Hazrat Maulānā enjoyed the company of many of the Akābir. Amongt these great elders are the likes of Hazrat Maulānā Abul Hasan Alī Nadwī, Hazrat Maulānā Masihullāh, Hazrat Qārī Muhammad Tayyib Saheb, Hazrat Qarī Siddīque Bandwī Rahimahumullah.

During the last year of Moulana's life, the Amīr of Darul Ihsan, Muftī Zubair Bayāt Sb visited him on two occasions and spent quality time in his company. He was apprised of the activities of Dārul Ihsān Centre and expressed great happiness, support and duās, along with valuable advices that he shared.

The Amīr, 'Ulamā, staff and patrons of Dārul Ihsān Humanitarian Centre express our profound sadness and sense of loss on his demise and convey our condolences to Hazrat Maulānā’s family, students and associates. May Allāh Ta’ālā make Hazrat Maulānā’s maghfirah and bestow him with a high station in the Hereafter. All are humbly requested to make dua for him and convey rewards as well.

Source:Dārul Ihsān Humanitarian Centre