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Beliefs and Practices

beliefs and practices 848x1242

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Hadrat Maulānā Muhammad Qamaruz Zamān
Sāhib Allāhābādī
Maulānā Mahomed Mahomedy
Shabbir Ahmed Lulat
Published by:
Shabbir Ahmed Ismail Lulat
1110 Obote Road
Lusaka, Zambia
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Shabbir Ahmed Ismail Lulat
P.O. Box 31884
Lusaka, Zambia
Tel: 00260955949141
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Beliefs and practices 1
By the grace and favour of Allāh ta‛ālā, I have been
supervising the khānqāh at Dār al-‛Ulūm Kantāriyah,
Bharūch (Gujarat, India) since Ramadān al-Mubārak
1412 A.H./1992 until now (1433 A.H.). I hope that, as
per my practice, I will be able to present myself this year
(1434 A.H./2013) as well – inshā Allāh. It is my ardent
wish that in this way, twenty three years of this
khānqāh will be completed.
A large number of seekers enter the silsilah (spiritual
lineage) every year. This short booklet was compiled a
few years ago for the rectification of their actions and
character, and to teach them certain wazā’if (spiritual
practices). It is now being published with a few changes.
May Allāh ta‛ālā inspire us all to practise on these
wazā’if and words of advice. This is certainly not
difficult for Allāh ta‛ālā.
Muhammad Qamaruz Zamān Allāhābādī.